I joined PawSquad in November 2018 as the teams Junior Front-end Developer. As this would be my first developer role in my professional career, I was both nervous and excited about what the opportunity would have in store for me.

Since then I have learnt many new skills and I have had firsthand experience with Angular, Heroku, Django and more complex SASS functions. I have also adopted BEM principles throughout the CSS and is now a practice I follow religiously, even in my own personal projects.

A few examples of projects I have been involved in are:

  • Sprint planning, redesign and development of a new Homepage design

  • Redesign of “Services” page and supporting Service articles

  • Transferred PawSquad’s existing blog to WordPress and customised theme

  • Developed the front-end of Django based SEO landing pages for targeted locations and services

  • Rolled out responsive transactional emails using the MJML framework

  • Built a dynamic “consult stories” component

  • Photographed two vet profile images

  • Fixed numerous issues reported on GitHub

As this was my first experience working in a startup, I have learnt so much from the the team and just how reactive a small, agile orientated business can be. I can definitely see myself moving onto other startups in the future and I very much enjoy the camaraderie and the fast-paced work.