Devoted Ltd

The brief

Devoted are a distributor of fan-made, band and music merchandise. Similar to existing sites like Etsy, Devoted specialise in music related products that are created by fans, for fans.

They wanted a logo which was clean, recognisable, and easily identifiable in a crowded market.

The process

To start with, I went straight to my notebook and started some paper sketching to quickly develop ideas into something worth developing. I like this way of working as I can draw something in pencil far quicker than on the computer.

After some initial sketches and ideas, I was settled on using a heart symbol as the identifier of the logo. As the heart has connotations with passion, love and most importantly, devotion; it seemed like an ideal symbol to base the brand on. Paired with a bright passionate red, and a quirky bubble style typeface, the logo came to life.

End results

Once the logo was handed to the client, they loved it straight away and thought it was the perfect expression of their company and ideas.